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50th Event Salute to the Gold Collection

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50th Event Gold Salute to the Gold Collection

As Bloomington Gold returns home to Bloomington, IL, the Gold Collection will also return to where it was once displayed, in the Bone Student Center at Illinois State University. In celebration of our return to Bloomington, this year’s collection will be a Salute to the Gold Collection. Sometimes living in the past can be a good thing and this year’s collection will be one of those times! Relive pieces of Bloomington Gold’s history as we bring back some of the significant cars that have been a part of past Gold Collections, Special Collections and the Great Hall displays.

Join us in the excitement of this Salute as we unveil the cars at the Gold Gala Salute to the Gold Collection!

Thursday, June 9th

Bone Student Center

The Gold Gala is a ticketed event, tickets can be purchased here. The Gold Collection on Friday and Saturday is part of a daily admission pass.
Past Collection Fast Facts:

  • In 1988, the Collection was Earthquake L88
  • in 2018, the Collection was the L88 Explosion
  • The Great Hall ran over 5 years and recognized a total of the 50 people/organizations and 50 Corvettes that shaped the Corvette phenomenon

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